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Tamar the Thief 
by Lyndon Riggall,
Illustrated by Grace Roberts

Tamar Valley Writer’s Festival is thrilled to have commissioned Tamar the Thief, a picture book, set in our very own Tamar Valley, Tasmania. Working with local writer Lyndon Riggall and artist Grace Roberts, Tamar The Thief will find a place in the heart, homes and classrooms across our beautiful state and beyond.  You can preview the ebook here – plus some excellent teaching resources from Georgie Todman to help you delve deeper into the world of Tamar and Luka. Suitable for all ages, with teaching and learning resources for home or school time.



Lyndon Riggall – Lyndon Riggall is a northern Tasmanian writer and English teacher at Launceston College and co-host, with Annie Warburton, of the Tamar Valley Writers Festival Podcast. His first picture book for children, Becoming Ellie, was published by Forty South in 2019. Find out more about Lyndon via his website

Grace Roberts – Grace has completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre Design, previously studying her Bachelor of Contemporary Arts in Theatre at UTAS. Grace is also the Production manager for Launceston Youth Theatre Ensemble (LYTE) and launched IO Performance Company early 2017 with her partner Chris Jackson. Grace lives and breathes the arts and hopes to continue on her journey of learning and developing her trade.



Tamar the magpie knows that something in her life is missing. Exploring the valley around her in search of a solution to the feeling of emptiness in her house and heart, she begins decorating her house with the objects that she finds. Her curiosity soon becomes obsession. In the pursuit of more exciting additions to her home, Tamar finds she can’t stop herself! 

As a kookaburra named Luka tries to help Tamar change her thieving ways, she finally discovers that the holes in our lives need to be filled by something far greater than simple material objects. Sometimes, all we need is a friend. 

Tamar the Thief celebrates the iconic Tamar Valley and the power of friendship, and is a charming and timely reminder for children that real satisfaction in life cannot be found in simple objects, but in the memories that we make with each other.

Georgie Todman


Georgie is a teacher with the Department of Education in Tasmania, having previously worked at Scotch Oakburn College. She is an active and passionate member of the Tamar Valley Writers Festival committee and has assisted in bringing ‘Tamar the Thief’ to audiences. Georgie is also a published playwright, poet and Vice President of Three River Theatre in her spare time.

View Georgie’s teaching resources below:

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