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Tamar Valley
Writers Festival

You’re here because you love words.

Whether you’re a reader, a writer or a thinker; starting out or well along in the journey; this place is for you. The Tamar Valley Writers Festival was sculpted to inspire and propel you forwards in your adventures with the written and spoken word. What better place to do it than immersed in the fertile environs of the Tamar with its vineyards, storied townships, and warm characters.

Renowned Australian authors, comedians, playwrights, song writers, and poets will bring new insights in our upcoming program. Imagine exploring the weight of storytelling through many a diverse lens.

The Festival comes to you reimagined to engage and entertain the Tasmanian community through a continuous thread of fresh and exciting events and opportunities, culminating in a fully-fledged festival every two years. Between now and then, we invite you to join as we embrace, explore and celebrate our wonderful world through words — fact and fiction.

Is there a better gift than a book? We don't think so either. And a Tasmanian author, all the better. The 2023 year has seen a steady stream of new Tasmanian books hitting shelves, so we thought we'd put together…

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Tamar Valley Writers Festival is a biennial event.

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