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A Moving Conversation Between Indira Naidoo and Stephen Brown

Updated: Feb 22

On Tuesday September 6, the Tamar Valley Writer's Festival had the pleasure of presenting admired and acclaimed journalist Indira Naidoo to talk about her latest book The Space Between the Stars with Stephen Brown, CEO of Launceston City Mission. It was an intimate affair that touched not just on the loss of Indira's sister, Stargirl, but on the joy and nostalgia of childhood, of running wild, puddle jumping, and kite flying. It was a testament to the healing power of nature and the hope we can find by choosing to truly live. Indira Naidoo quoted David Whyte during the session, 'life is a conversation between loss and celebration'. The conversation between these two caring and thoughtful individuals echoed that beautifully.

One of the questions Stephen asked Indira was about how writing the book helped her process the grief of losing her youngest sister despite the isolation she found herself in during COVID-19 lockdowns. She spoke out against the taboo of grief and described the book was kind of an extended eulogy and allowed Indira to celebrate her sister in ways she might not have without it. She was surprised by the joys that she found it and how if you listen, the universe will always send you signs to let you know you're not alone.

We're incredibly grateful for RANT Arts for the grant that allowed us to bring Indira to Tasmania for this special appearance. TVWF gratefully acknowledges a $10,000 Quick Response grant through RANT for making it possible to attract such a high-profile media personality to be a key guest speaker. This gala lunch will be marketed as a special precursor to TVWF 2022 in October.


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