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TVWF acknowledged in parliament

Updated: Feb 22

In a speech to the Tasmanian House of Representatives on Monday, Bass MP Bridget Archer turned a spotlight on the work of the Tamar Valley Writers Festival in ensuring the literature scene in Tasmania remains vibrant, despite the challenges and restrictions of Covid-19.

She acknowledged that the pandemic has interrupted many literary festivals around Australia, including here in the Tamar Valley, but that the TVWF had sought to raise morale and encourage engagement through its recent Word of Mouth pop-up festival. "Committee member Johanna Baker-Dowdell told me it was designed to be like a tasting plate of storytelling, conversation and performances, but we also hoped it would keep everyone's spirits up when we had so much being cancelled or changed due to Covid," Ms Archer said. "I would encourage anyone interested to check out the festival's own podcast where Lyndon Riggall and Annie Warburton talk to Tasmanian authors, playwrights, comedians, poets and editors about their works, how they draw inspiration from Tasmania and what's in store for them."

Watch Bass MP Bridget Archer's speech here


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