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What Makes a Festival?

Updated: Feb 22

Mary Machen, our 2022 Festival Director and recently retired Committee President, has worked tirelessly to make Tamar Valley Writers Festival a success, including seeing us through COVID-19 interruptions, keeping community engagements, and staying on past her retirement.

Her contribution was noted as significant, not just by the Tamar Valley Writers Festival committee, but by a recent article in the Tasmanian Times celebrating 'Literary Launceston' by Anne Layton-Bennett. Mary is quoted as saying:

“I feel proud of how my committee members and supporters have got to this stage, and I’m confident in handing over the baton. I’ve given it my all but it’s time for someone with new ideas and energy to take over an event that I believe is special for northern Tasmania, and that’s offered the cultural scene something exciting which is now recognised across Australia. We wouldn’t otherwise have these authors clamouring to come!” Mary Machen, Tamar Valley Writers Festival Director 2022

While we're sad to see Mary Machen and Marj Covill leave the committee after their vital and delightful contributions, we're thrilled to have a new committee established with new co-presidents Lyndon Riggall (author of Tamar the Thief) and Georgie Todman (local playwright) taking the lead.


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