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Markus Zusak Headlines our 2024 Festival

Updated: May 21

Markus Zusak portrait

The Tamar Valley Writers Festival committee is delighted to share that beloved Australian author Markus Zusak will be one of the featured authors at the 2024 festival in October, just weeks after the release of his first work of non-fiction.

Markus joins an incredibly strong program, and we look forward to hearing insights and wisdom from the internationally bestselling author of six novels, including The Messenger, Bridge of Clay and The Book Thief.

The festival will run October 11-14. Sign up to our newsletter to ensure you don't miss important program announcements in coming weeks.

First non-fiction for Markus

Three Wild Dogs (and the truth) will be released in September this year, chronicling the relationship between Markus Zusak's family and three big, wild, pound-hardened dogs.

You will meet Reuben, a wolf at your door with a hacksaw; Archer, blond, beautiful, deadly; and the rancorously-smiling Frosty, who walks like a rolling thunderstorm?

The result can only be chaos: there are street fights, park fights, public shamings, property trashing, injuries, stomach pumping, purest comedy, shocking tragedy, and carnage that needs to be seen to be believed . . . not to mention the odd police visit at some ungodly hour of the morning. There is a reckoning of shortcomings and failure, a strengthening of will, but most important of all, an explosion of love – and the joy and recognition of family.

From one of the world’s great storytellers comes a tender, motley and exquisitely written memoir; a love letter to the animals who bring hilarity and beauty – but also the visceral truth of the natural world – straight to our doors and into our lives, and change us forever.

‘For the last fifteen years, my family and I have lived a chaotic, comedic, beautiful, shocking, heartbreaking, and ultimately loving life. We’ve brought animals into our home who’ve not only impacted our everyday, but shown us who we are. Writing it was a joy, even amongst the heartbreak. It reminded me why I became a writer in the first place: I do it because I love it. I can feel that in every page, and hope readers will feel it, too.’

- Markus Zusak

About Markus

Markus Zusak is the international bestselling author of six novels, including The Messenger, Bridge of Clay and The Book Thief – one of the most loved books of the twenty-first century and a New York Times bestseller for more than a decade. His work is translated into more than fifty languages, and has been awarded numerous honours around the world, ranging from literary prizes to bookseller and reader choice awards. His books have been adapted into film, television and theatre. Markus was born in Sydney, and still lives there with his wife, two children, and the last dog standing in a once thriving household of animals.

Books by author Markus Zusak


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